Motortec Madrid will host the presentation of the new own brand Matrax Tyres


Alves Bandeira Group will present its new exclusive tyre brand Matrax Tyres, at first hand, at the Motortec Fair, to be held in Madrid, between 20 and 23 April. This is the first time that Matrax Tyres is being exhibited in Europe and, in addition to this novelty, the Alves Bandeira Group will take advantage of its presence at the Madrid show to present its portfolio of lubricants and batteries under the Matrax and AB brands.

Alves Bandeira Group is one of Portugal's 50 largest economic groups and an undisputed reference in the energy and aftermarket sectors at international level.

The aftermarket business is managed by the company AB Tyres, recently awarded in Portugal as the second best tyre distributor in Portugal. AB Tyres is the official distributor of a portfolio of more than 25 tyre brands from the budget, quality and premium segments, where the brands it exclusively represents stand out, such as Falken, Davanti, Torque, Infinity, Sumitomo, Runway, Uniroyal, Fulda, Golden Crown, CEAT and, of course, Matrax Tyres.

In addition to tyres, AB Tyres is a distributor of parts, batteries and lubricants, thus offering customers a 360° offer and the possibility to satisfy most of their business needs.

Matrax Tyres wants to gain customer satisfaction through innovation, design, safety and reliability, with its range covering a wide range of needs. The top of the range Urcola is a high performance tyre, with sizes ranging from 16 to 20 inches; the Morucha is aimed at high performance cars, with sizes from 15 to 17'; the Coloma was designed to obtain maximum fuel savings, and comes in sizes from 13 to 15'.

With the growing popularity of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), Matrax has a complete range for this type of vehicles. The Veragua FX is designed for large SUVs and ranges from 18 to 22'; the Veragua SUV, as its name indicates, equips SUVs and crossovers, with sizes from 16 to 20'; the Veragua A/T is designed for SUVs and 4x4s, with sizes from 15 to 18'; and the Veragua M/T is able to face the most difficult conditions, with sizes from 15 to 17'.

Matrax Energy's universe is even broader, offering batteries for a wide range of vehicles, whether automotive, commercial and industrial, including boats and leisure vehicles. These batteries are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 and AQAP 2110 certified and the brand's top specifications mean longer life and less corrosion, reducing maintenance costs.

Matrax Lubricants products have European ACEA and American API approvals, in addition to approvals from the main automotive industry manufacturers. This Matrax branch offers a wide range of products, namely lubricants for cars, hybrids, trucks, boats, construction machinery, motorbikes with 2 and 4-stroke engines, manual and automatic gearboxes, agricultural tractors, fluids for hydraulic circuits, steering and brakes. In addition to these, there is a wide range of products for industrial use.

Another brand that Alves Bandeira will take to Motortec bears the initials of the group that, in 2024, will celebrate half a century of history: AB Lubs, which is characterised by its multiplicity of applications. It has oils from the Eurotech mineral and synthetic range, for older or modern design engines, petrol or diesel, with particulate filter and hybrids. The Eurotruck range was specifically developed for heavy vehicles. These oils have also obtained ACEA and API certification.

AB Lubs' portfolio is not limited to lubricants for cars, trucks and boats. The brand has lubricants for automatic, continuously variable and double-clutch transmissions, power steering, manual gearboxes, self-locking differentials, two and four-stroke motorbikes, lawn mowers and chainsaws, tractors, agricultural machinery and grease for mechanisms.

In the industrial sector, it produces anticorrosive protector, compressor lubricants, cutting fluid, emulsifying oil, cooling lubricant, insulating fluid, foaming agent, thermal fluids, detergents and antifreeze.

AB Power batteries for cars, trucks, tractors, agricultural and construction machinery, as well as boats.  These are long lasting products, certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 and AQAP 2110. Depending on needs and demand levels, the AB Power portfolio offers AGM, Ultimate EFB, Dynamic, Advanced, Booster, Professional EFB, Professional Pro, Professional, Professional Agro, Adventure and Marine batteries.

With more than 15 editions, Motortec in Madrid has more than 700 exhibitors in the area of automation and after-sales, making it the largest trade fair in the sector in Southern Europe. The Alves Bandeira Group, one of the leading operators in the energy and automotive products sectors in Portugal and one of the 50 largest Portuguese economic groups, could not fail to be present at this trade fair.

Motortec Madrid will host the presentation of the new own brand Matrax Tyres